Sustainable management is a key topic in the development of any organization.

We help our clients to develop ESG activities so that they constitute an integral part of the brand communication strategy.

GOOD BUSINESS is an innovative model of working with clients developed by us, under which we find in the macrocosm of brands space for dedicated pro-social activities, so that they remain 100% compatible with the products and the way the company operates.

GOOD BUSINESS is not a charity, a big campaign once a year or a CSR report. This is a work model developed by us that allows you to combine all activities in the company and distill from them what is the truest value and will be appreciated by the public, customers, consumers and stakeholders of the company.

Together with our clients, we prove that the GOOD BUSINESS model translates into corporate image and sales results.

We act today, with tomorrow in mind

We are witnessing the depletion of the earth's resources. What kind of world will we leave for our children and grandchildren? The image campaign prepared for Velvet Care promotes activities to protect nature – those that counteract the process of environmental degradation.

In the message, we refer to the present and the future. And the future lies in the next generations, therefore a multigenerational family plays a key role here. We realize that being eco is about making decisions every day that may seem trivial but are of great importance for the environment.

It is very important for each of us to work together with a large partner. In the campaign, we show that Velvet Care products are manufactured with respect for the environment. In this way, we set an example and inspire others.

Invest Komfort

"Creating space and time”

A new image campaign for leading premium real estate developmer in Poland. "Creating space and time" - this is the title of the miniseries, which is the main axis of the campaign. In eight episodes we meet the creators of contemporary real estates: from designers, engineers and architects to craftsmen and artists. The innovative form of the documentary miniseries is a journey into the world of architecture, it allows viewers to understand what Invest Komfort is and enter the fascinating world of the brand.