Let’s deal with the sloth inside

When we lack energy, we feel like we are not ourselves. But who? Maybe just such a… sloth? Hence the idea for slow, but lovable human-sloths. It is our well-being metaphor. We need BODYMAX “to deal with the sloth inside”, as the slogan says.

The heroine vs sloths

We have based our campaign of new BODYMAX dietary supplements on this expressive idea. Sloths – lethargic and weary – are contrasted with the heroine of the ads – active and full of healthy energy. On her way, she also meets a tired of life student-sloth and saves him from oppression.

Communication platform

The entire communication of the BODYMAX brand is united by the brandclaim "make your mind and body to want", indicating different areas of the supplements action. TV commercials complement the brand's campaign to date, already present on the Internet and on outdoor.

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