International 360 campaign created for the New York headquarters of IAA.

Legal restrictions on brands and their visual identification are a global problem that occurs in many countries around the world. The aim of the campaign is to promote the brand as a value which is not only a sales tool, but also a commitment that the company makes to the customer.

In order to achieve global effectiveness of the campaign, we relied on codes that are readable in all latitudes – such as the human face or the national flag. They are also elements of the "brand".

We love brands

In the campaign, we show a world without brands. It is a world without identity, without trust, without choice, without emotions, without pride. These contents and values ​​are communicated by our 360 campaign for the brands and in defense of them, summed up by the claim: "We love brands".

The campaign was launched in Russia, China, Kuwait and Malaysia. It will soon appear in other markets.

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Stowarzyszenie Malinowy Król

Malinowy Król

Juicy, sweet and grown naturally. True Polish ruler of raspberry tomatoes.