Suzuki - the engine of culture

The meeting of two worlds always creates something new. The same happens when we merge the worlds of automotive and culture. It gives birth to a unique, distinctive visual language of the festival: a marriage of technology and innovation with a creative spark. This kind of communication underlines the role Suzuki plays in this event - the partner of Warsaw Gallery Weekend since 2005.

A COVID-19 pandemic showed us all the importance of art and experiencing it in real life, not just virtually. It is crucial for creators and spectators to meet, exchange experience and this way both of them can affect reality.

Where business meets culture

Free admission to galleries, but most importantly the scale of the festival - huge number of exhibitions, workshops on the newest cultural and art trends - attracts crowds to Warsaw Gallery Weekend. The event is coupled with limited accessories collections and Suzuki cars drive VIP guests to various installations of the festival.

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